Young, Wild and Free–Footmark of 2012

I feel like the title of this post should be “No Water Damage Again” or “Remember to Back Up Your Stuff”  lol

In two months, my iphone and macbook subsequently suffered from water damage due to my carelessness. I was stupid enough trying to charge them and turn them on afterward. Consequently, only 1/3 of my photo shoots recovered in iPhoto and all my music were gone (I should have back them up!! :( ). What makes me even mad is that when I have someone fixed my phone in Beijing (I was in Beijing at that time), the repairman secretly exchanged the original cpu to a broken one, and told me my phone cannot be fixed. It was too late for me to find out when I got back to Guangzhou. Honestly, I don’t care about these electronic devices themselves, but all my stuff in them. I planned to write this post long ago, but every time I open iPhone and see only a few photos (some of them are really bad), I don’t want to write it anymore. This time, I decide to finish it, using whatever’s left in my iPhoto. So the photo quality may not be high, and there may be lots of grammer mistakes, just ignore it as long as I can finish this post. :)

Started off 2012 in Europe.

I’m too lazy to write descriptions la hahahaha


Costa Rica

—the most unforgettable trip of the year

If you are struggling for where to go for the upcoming spring break, I strongly recommend Costa Rica. It has all kinds of adventurous/relaxing activities no matter in rain forests, on the top of the mountains or on the beaches. The people there are friendly as well. Don’t miss Poas Lodge on Poas Volcano if you are going. And feel free to ask us any questions about Costa Rica.

It’s the kind of places I would like to visit again and again.

Pora Vida! Be young, wide and free in Costa Rica!!

416852_357084184336018_255094739_n 418354_357535940957509_643031583_n 419467_356486951062408_2015394673_n425933_355148141196289_589761445_n418018_353743988003371_190023143_n419406_356486131062490_86890354_n425674_353169931394110_1566469549_nIMG_0860

For 2013, the first stop is Taiwan.

As a foodie, I like it.

IMG_5392 IMG_5536 IMG_5580 IMG_5627 IMG_5678 IMG_5821 IMG_5833 IMG_5864 IMG_5872 IMG_5987 IMG_6005 IMG_6026 IMG_6031 P1010187

Now we are planning to visit Iceland, or Cuba, or somewhere in South America during spring break, hopefully it’ll work out.

ummm that’s it for the post

I love travelling!! 耶

by MP


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