Bon Appetit

Food hunting in Little Italy, Boston.

The first stop was Neptune Oyster, one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. The lobster roll is amazing!!!!IMG_6150 IMG_6153 IMG_6141IMG_6137

Accidentally found a cute chocolate shop. Although I am not a fan of chocolate, it is a place that worths stopping by. The store is owned by an elegant lady with her friend. They travelled around to discover different and interesting chocolate collections, which you can find in their store.

IMG_6200 IMG_6207

A new Thinking Cup Cafe opened at north end. IMG_6260 IMG_6280

The last stop was Modern Pastry, our must-go dessert place at little Italy. The desserts here are not the best but it has pretty good cream brûlée and berry tart, so every time we come here we will buy some and enjoy them at home.

Rui was wearing our “winter uniform” Canada Goose parka. I don’t know why there are so many people in BU wearing Canada Goose this semester :( Saw them everywhere. :( :(IMG_6217


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