Scotland, Wonderland-Part I

Took 5 days off to Scotland. The highland is absolutely stunning, but it’s such a shame that we couldn’t make it to Isle of Skye.

And here is the photo diary part 1.

IMG_1576 IMG_1517 IMG_3909 IMG_4027 IMG_1643 IMG_4144 IMG_1675IMG_1705IMG_1714 IMG_4632 IMG_4676IMG_1796_meitu_2IMG_1964IMG_4719IMG_1874IMG_4844IMG_2128IMG_2158IMG_2366IMG_2432


4 thoughts on “Scotland, Wonderland-Part I

  1. i was born and grew up in the Highlands, I am glad you enjoyed your visit :) I hope you make the Isle of Skye one day, very beautiful, as is Cape Wrath right at the very top of Scotland, the Clootie Well in Munlochy is a great wee visit as well on the way to Chanory Point on the Black Isle, probably the best place to spot Dolphins in the UK, they usually feed about 30/40 meters from the edge of the beach :) All my best, and enjoy what remains of your travels!

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