The Fiji Time

Yes, we are still alive. I know it’s been a while since our last update, so it’s time to catch up a bit.

This Chinese New Year I travelled to Fiji with my family. Ever since high school, I’ve known Fiji as the first country that greets the new day or new year because of its geographic location.With that said, it is right next to the International Date Line.

Fiji is also known for its sandy white beaches and turquoise coral reefs. Don’t be surprised to find out that the country is made up of a lot of small islands, that’s why it’s also called the Fiji islands. To be exact, the archipelago consists of more than 322 islands, but only 110 of them are inhabited and 87% of the country’s population lives on the two biggest islands.

Before I landed, I thought Fiji is all about luxury resorts and relaxation. But I was wrong, Fiji is more than that. Indeed the palm-fringed island resorts and lush garden of corals underneath the water are incredibly beautiful. However, what surprised me was its rich island culture Fijian people cultivated.

IMG_3091IMG_3046IMG_3101IMG_2942IMG_3617IMG_3619IMG_3645I guess Fijians are born to be singers, with mere guitars and ukulele they can play beautiful music. On my last night at Matamanoa Island resort, the resort band even sang me Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, that was totally a blast. No matter I was in the resorts or visiting the village, the local people wouldn’t pass by me without saying BULA (a greeting word in Fijian) and wearing a genuine smile. Frankly, their hospitality exudes a warmth that money can’t buy. IMG_3584IMG_3572I’ll definitely come back again when I’m capable of swimming in the ocean without fear. The shark dive in Fiji is on my return trip’s to-do-list :p

Side note: I don’t know what’s wrong with WordPress but I can’t upload any photos after these were uploaded. After a week of attempts it still didn’t work, it says “The file could not be uploaded because an error occurred while uploading”. Can anyone tell me how can I fix it? I’ll appreciate it!


Peru, The Inca Wonder [Part 2]

The Amazon rainforest, also known as Amazonia, is the Lungs of our planet. The life source of Amazonia, the Amazon River, begins in the Peruvian Andes and winds its way to the northern South America. Our second stop Puerto Maldonado origins from one of the Amazon River’s  tributaries. The 3 days 2 nights tour allowed us to explore deep into the Tambopata National Park. Staying in the middle of the jungle, we got the opportunity to observe different kinds of wildlife. We never had got so close to wild alligators, nor had we being surrounded by countless monkeys in the undisturbed forest.  The 6am start of the day was soon forgotten as the most dramatic scenes were happening beside us – monkeys swung from trees to trees and a bee was kissing a turtle… We were amazed by the magical scenery that mother nature provide us with. It was definitely an unforgettable experience for us. Enjoy the photos!

IMG_6629IMG_6787 (1) IMG_6667 IMG_6679 IMG_6697 IMG_6706 IMG_6711 IMG_6712 IMG_6714 IMG_6721 IMG_9908 IMG_9912 IMG_9918 IMG_6734 IMG_6773 IMG_6785 IMG_6800 IMG_0036 IMG_6930 IMG_6953 IMG_6972 IMG_6983