Color the Small One

Cheers, to share our laughters and tears. We are never really alone.

Tik tok tik tok…

Time goes by faster than we could react.

Over the last three months, we’ve been through so many big moments. End of one period means the start of another one. We chose different paths, went to different cities and started a disparate life. The distance between us extends from a few miles to 7,480 miles, accompanied with 12h time difference. When one wakes up in the morning, it’s almost bed time for the other one. I always wish that you were here or I were there, or that we were somewhere together. We found that distance is like spice, a favoring, which brings you pain but magnifies joys. Even a video call with each other can brighten up our day, and every moment becomes worthy to share.

It used to take us 1 minute to show up at the other’s doorstep, but now we walk separate paths and through days and nights. Honestly, we miss the old days so much that we wish time can be switched to exactly when we met. As much as we want to grieve for the past for it is gone forever, we thank that time has brought us together and the beautiful future, is yet to come.

We’ve learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over long distance, for friendship doesn’t count the miles but measured by hearts. We might have to part away for now, but we believe that the day we are united is not far.

(Here are our last two shootings in Boston, Enjoy!)
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The City of Angels

While the weather in Boston was still freezing in April, I took a weekend off to L.A. with a few friends. Finally I got the chance to put on shorts and summer dresses after suffering from seven months of coldness. The delicious sunshine in L.A. makes everything so enjoyable especially when you are hanging out with friends. Driving on the Melrose Avenue, watching people living their own L.A. stories, life is so heavenly wonderful.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.” 
― William W. Purkey 

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Especially thanks to my friend Anderson Cheng and his family’s hospitality. Our times in L.A. wouldn’t be so great without you.

Peru, The Inca Wonder [Part 1]

Peru is known for its mysterious and vibrant culture, we have been yearning to visit this country since freshman year in college. This spring break we finally got a chance. Upon our arrival in Lima, we didn’t stay long and left for Cuzco the next morning. The City of Cuzco, at 3,400m above sea level, was the heart of the once mighty Inca Empire. We were lured by the city’s unique beauty with a tint of colonial yellow at dusk.

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Peru. So except for wandering around in the city Cuzco, we spent most of our times hiking in mountains and jungles. There are various hiking routes to get to Machu Picchu. Among those the Inca Trail is the most well-known one since there are a lot of Inca historical sites along the way. However, we chose the Salkantay trek because the sceneries along the trail are stunning as we hiking along the snow-covered mountain Salkantay.

This hiking trip is very challenging for us because we have to climb up to 4,600 meters on the second day and then climb all the way down. Since we have neither hiked in the mountains nor slept in a tent before, we were quite excited before took off. On the first day,  we were exhausted after the 15km walking on the highland (we have never walked this much in our lives, not to mention at a 3500km altitude). We camped at an open landscape surrounded by high mountains. Nothing can be seen in the dark because no electricity was available, so we went to bed right after dinner. Out of our expectation, the second day was much tougher. Although we  hired horses to climb uphill, the downhill was still too intense for us. The majority of the roads was extremely steep and rocky. Another problem is that huge rain shower started after lunch on our way to the next camp site. The road got worse, it became a mixture of rocks, mud and water, so it was very slippery and gross. The nonstop walking of more than 20km in such bad weather and the fact that as it was getting dark, in the mountains that we barely saw people really depressed us. There are no words can describe our mood when we made it to the camp site. We almost burst into tears and were so proud of ourselves.

Our legs hurt for days after the intensive hiking, but the views along the way definitely worth the price. You have no idea what you are capable of until you try, so it is always good to try something new. Make your life an adventure, because every task leads you to new discoveries and new experience. One thing that we learned from this trip is to never give up and something wonderful await you.IMG_9192 IMG_9210 IMG_9212 IMG_9254 IMG_9315 IMG_9409 IMG_9416 IMG_9456 IMG_9461 IMG_9465 IMG_9468 IMG_6226 IMG_9493 IMG_6268 IMG_6272 IMG_6285 IMG_6286 IMG_6292 IMG_9546 IMG_6298 IMG_6299 IMG_6325 IMG_9573 IMG_9577 IMG_9578 IMG_9632 IMG_9638 IMG_6375 IMG_6379 IMG_6410 IMG_6416 IMG_6422 IMG_9710 IMG_9779 IMG_9781 IMG_9791 IMG_6588 IMG_9830IMG_6253 IMG_6175 IMG_6181 IMG_6208 IMG_6218 IMG_6235 IMG_6038 IMG_6015 IMG_5938 IMG_5795