Color the Small One

Cheers, to share our laughters and tears. We are never really alone.

Tik tok tik tok…

Time goes by faster than we could react.

Over the last three months, we’ve been through so many big moments. End of one period means the start of another one. We chose different paths, went to different cities and started a disparate life. The distance between us extends from a few miles to 7,480 miles, accompanied with 12h time difference. When one wakes up in the morning, it’s almost bed time for the other one. I always wish that you were here or I were there, or that we were somewhere together. We found that distance is like spice, a favoring, which brings you pain but magnifies joys. Even a video call with each other can brighten up our day, and every moment becomes worthy to share.

It used to take us 1 minute to show up at the other’s doorstep, but now we walk separate paths and through days and nights. Honestly, we miss the old days so much that we wish time can be switched to exactly when we met. As much as we want to grieve for the past for it is gone forever, we thank that time has brought us together and the beautiful future, is yet to come.

We’ve learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over long distance, for friendship doesn’t count the miles but measured by hearts. We might have to part away for now, but we believe that the day we are united is not far.

(Here are our last two shootings in Boston, Enjoy!)
IMG_1390IMG_8331 IMG_8398 IMG_1366IMG_8442IMG_8451IMG_1507IMG_1526IMG_8477IMG_8491IMG_8518IMG_1772IMG_1665IMG_8496IMG_1548IMG_1721IMG_1795


The City of Angels

While the weather in Boston was still freezing in April, I took a weekend off to L.A. with a few friends. Finally I got the chance to put on shorts and summer dresses after suffering from seven months of coldness. The delicious sunshine in L.A. makes everything so enjoyable especially when you are hanging out with friends. Driving on the Melrose Avenue, watching people living their own L.A. stories, life is so heavenly wonderful.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.” 
― William W. Purkey 

IMG_7440 IMG_7452 IMG_7468 IMG_7472 IMG_7488IMG_7206 IMG_7023IMG_7326IMG_7166 IMG_7247 IMG_7268 IMG_7493IMG_7285IMG_7322IMG_7385

Especially thanks to my friend Anderson Cheng and his family’s hospitality. Our times in L.A. wouldn’t be so great without you.

San Francisco Freelancers

The endless snow in Boston can be a little frustrating. It is time for us to fly across the country and pay a short visit to Cali.

Just as how different the lyrics of Boston by Augustana and California by Phantom Planet are, Boston and California are two widely different places. Although San Francisco was raining the whole weekend, we were still drenched by its beauty. The rugged seashore at Fisherman Wharf, the winding roads to Golden Gate Bridge, the dots of lights on the hills at down… The artistry side of San Francisco did not fade away in the rain.

I would not say taking photographs in the rain was a pleasant experience. But we still managed to seize some nice moments, especially while having brunch… Two tips for you guys, please make sure you try the French Toast at Olea (30 minutes waiting in the rain was no biggie for food lovers!) and the blue bottled coffee! Another highlight of the trip was our visit to Facebook and Google Headquarters located in Menlo Park. We were fascinated by the ubiquitous creativity, freedom, diversity, boldness of their company culture. After our visit, Facebook became our dream company and we want to be IT geeks!

This trip would not be so awesome without our friends who drove us around and accompanied us throughout the weekend. Special thanks to Tan, Xiaoyu, Jiesi, Yu and Yoyo.

Let us end this trip with California.

“We’ve been on the run

Driving in the sun

Looking out for number one

California here we come

Right back where we started from”
IMG_9050 IMG_5491IMG_5269 IMG_8791 IMG_5368 IMG_8818 IMG_8821 IMG_8825 IMG_8865 IMG_8919 IMG_5513 IMG_5515jjk IMG_5553 IMG_5579 IMG_5584 IMG_5604IMG_8892 IMG_8812 IMG_8786 IMG_9067 IMG_5653 IMG_5680 IMG_5692 IMG_5701 IMG_5702 IMG_5709 IMG_5725 IMG_5738 IMG_5773IMG_5777IMG_5413 IMG_5423 IMG_5452IMG_9019


Home isn’t just a place.

It’s a feeling of comfort and safe.

It reminds you of the nicest and sweetest days.

(Photos taken in Guangzhou, China)

This winter break I stayed at my hometown Guangzhou and didn’t travel to any other places. Hanging out with my old friends is a must, other than that, I wandered around the city with my camera like a tourist. Through the lens, the blessedly familiar city is so cozy and lovely.


IMG_4218 IMG_4598 IMG_4610 IMG_4633 IMG_4662 IMG_4671IMG_2169IMG_4754 fdIMG_4932 IMG_5048_meitu_3 IMG_3497

The Grand Canyon

Las Vegas is a city full of neon lights and luxurious architectures. Everything is too fancy to be real. During my stay in Vegas, I was buried in countless shops and casinos, so I did not take my camera around. However, I brought you guys the splendid view of the Grand Canyon. I believe at one time it was a beautiful piece of land, as time withers away, the beauty did not fade but rather gains itself an unique characteristic that is unforgettable for every visitor.
IMG_3791 IMG_3794 IMG_3906 IMG_3916 IMG_3941 IMG_4002 IMG_4015 IMG_4068IMG_4108 IMG_4115 IMG_4142 IMG_4147