Color the Small One

Cheers, to share our laughters and tears. We are never really alone.

Tik tok tik tok…

Time goes by faster than we could react.

Over the last three months, we’ve been through so many big moments. End of one period means the start of another one. We chose different paths, went to different cities and started a disparate life. The distance between us extends from a few miles to 7,480 miles, accompanied with 12h time difference. When one wakes up in the morning, it’s almost bed time for the other one. I always wish that you were here or I were there, or that we were somewhere together. We found that distance is like spice, a favoring, which brings you pain but magnifies joys. Even a video call with each other can brighten up our day, and every moment becomes worthy to share.

It used to take us 1 minute to show up at the other’s doorstep, but now we walk separate paths and through days and nights. Honestly, we miss the old days so much that we wish time can be switched to exactly when we met. As much as we want to grieve for the past for it is gone forever, we thank that time has brought us together and the beautiful future, is yet to come.

We’ve learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over long distance, for friendship doesn’t count the miles but measured by hearts. We might have to part away for now, but we believe that the day we are united is not far.

(Here are our last two shootings in Boston, Enjoy!)
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Color of Summer

Our time in London is coming to an end, we have enjoyed every moment here.

The summer breezes, ¬†green shades, Victorian architectures and the delightful people form an artistic city that we couldn’t help falling in love with.

Hopefully we will come back again in the future, time to say goodbye to this lovely country.

Farewell to the Great Britain.

(Photos at Brighton, UK)
IMG_5503_meitu_3 IMG_5358_meitu_2 IMG_5323 IMG_5371 IMG_5395 IMG_5430 IMG_5436 IMG_5451 IMG_5494 IMG_5516 IMG_5519 IMG_5551 IMG_5568 IMG_5575

Soak up the Sun

Our very first outfit post :)

Enjoying the summer in London now.



Maggie: Top & skirt from Topshop / Jacket & heels from Zara

Rui: Dress from French Connection / Coat from Topshop

London is way colder than we expected so we started to dig out winter coats as soon as we got here. Rui found this amazing coat in Topshop which was a “last chance to buy” item (I wish I was lucky enough to get one too lol). However, I still couldn’t resist the pretty summer pieces so I ended up buying too much summer clothes XD